Anjali Institute of RRMH & OD


ANJALI INSTITUTE Working for intellectually Disabled, is a Residential cum daycare institution function under the Executive committee of society. The institution is fully dedicated for the Upliftment of the Intellectually disabled Persons of our society irrespective of their caste, religion or sex in a scientific and systematic way, so that their dignity and standard of life in the society can be enhanced. Anjali Rehabilitation in the last fifteen years.

The Institute was started with 5 Students in  1st, June 2000,now, our present strength is 112,there are 52 Residential and 60 Daycare. Students in the age group of 5 to 18 years. We have Thirteen teaching and Eleven Non-Teaching staff now. The classes are divided as Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Pre-Vocational and Vocational. The students of each group are selected according to their IQ and Age. The syllabus for each child in each group is formulated according to their need language, development skills, Numbers, Time, Money concepts, Reading, writing, Pre-vocatinal and Vocational skills are taught. Indoor and Outdoor games, Music, Dance, physiotherapy, Training in activities of Daily living (ADL) etc,. are practiced.


We are maintaining special school for the children with intellectual Disabilities in the name of Anjali Institute of Research  and Rehabilitation for the Mentally handicapped and other Disabled, Hanuman Nagar, Penumatham Road,Palakol-534260,W.G.Dt. Andhra Pradesh, It is a Non-Governmental, Voluntary Organization and is purely run  by Donors Donations and their support.

The main objective of this special school is to provide educational needs & Rehabilitation services to the special children.

The following services are providing at this  centre.

  • a)Early identification & Intervention
  • b)Special Education & Vocational Training
  • c)Speech & Physiotherapy
  • d)Psychological intervention
  • e)Music and yoga therapy
  • f) Co-curricular activities
  • g)Parents counseling and guidance etc.,


SERVICES OF Anjali Institute of RRMH &OD

Even though the main objectives is to render services to the disabled, we have been taking up several welfare activities to others also who are below the poverty line.

Current Project

  • Special Residential And Daycare sSchool for the Mentally Handicapped & Other Disabled, Palakol.


Special School for the M.R Children, Palakol

The Anjali Institute of RRMH &OD  and it was started during the academic year 1999‐2000 for the Mentally Handicapped Children in Palakol of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. There were 5 children in the beginning. Now the Anjali Institute of RRMH &OD have a total strength of 112 students, day‐scholars-60 & hostellers-52. From 2014-15  80% of financial support is being provided by Ministry of Social Justice & empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi and the rest from the Donors. The main objective of this special school is to provide educational needs of the special children in rural and urban areas.

Special Services

  • Special Education & Vocational Training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psychological Interventions
  • Learning through Technology
  • Conducting study hours in the morning and Evening


Augmentative Intervention

In support to Special Education services augmentative Intervention are carried out. We are involving them in cultural programmes such as Dances, Songs, Play lets, Sports and Games. Our children have participated in the Sports, Games and Cultural activities at State and District Level has won several prizes and medals. We are also conducting yoga classes in the school. We take them for excursions every year for improvement of General Knowledge and to make them joyful. We observed that there is very good improvement in their Health and behaviour. Thus augmentative interventions are fruitful.


The children studying in our special school, who hails from different villages, are staying in the Hostel. The Hostel is located within the school campus. One Warden, One Cook, one Helper and Two Ayahs are taking care of the residential children. Breakfast and 2 principal meals with nutritious value are providing to the children. The children are kept in good hygiene, Medical care, play materials, TV and garden are provided for their recreation, and we are taking total care in their health.

Medical Treatment

A Team of Doctors are visiting the institute for Medical Check‐up of the students and giving medicines once in month.

Parents Meeting

We are conducting Parents Meeting every quarter by inviting all the parents. Such meetings are very much useful to elicit the views of the parents about the behaviour of the children at the home and knowing improvement of health, behaviour and skills. We invite their views and suggestions and adopt them where ever it is fusible. We also give suggestions to the parents for early improvement of their children. We are also conducting Parents Day Celebrations every year.

Home Visit

The Home visits by our Teachers play important role to observe the behaviour of the child outside the school. Therefore, we insist our teachers to make home visit of all the children during the year and give suggestions to the parents for the improvement of educational skills and behaviour changes. Our teachers also appraise the parents to entrust some activity to their mentally challenged. so that the children become self confident and self reliant.

Case Presentations & Case Monitoring

Each Teacher has to present the case histories of 2 children every week. The reports shall cover all aspects of improvements in the child along with involvement of the family members and community and final observations of the teachers. These reports are placed before all the teachers on every Saturday for Group discussions. We will invite the opinions of the teachers for better planning and adopting innovative methods in dealing with the children of different abilities for speed improvement.

Early Identification in West Godavari District

Palakol Division, Poduru Division and Narasapoor  Division three divisions and Achanta Mandal,in West Godavari District.Parents counseling & home based rehabilitation, M.R,Blind, Deaf Orthopedical Handicapped children was been carried out. Every  year  identification of disabled persons has been conducting and there are many differently able persons knocking our doors for needy benefits i.e. for Tricycle, Crutches, Calipers, Hearing Aids, Walking Sticks, Tape recorders, Wheel chairs, Artificial legs, Surgical corrections for polio affected persons and Special Education more than 3000 differently abled persons our society identified and with different needs.

The Special school for Mentally Handicapped  Children

The salary and benefits of the NGO Head, the highest paid staff member and the lowest paid staff member:

STAFF REMUNERATION [Gross monthly salary +benefits] in Rupees
Head of the organization: (including honorarium) Rs. NA
Highest paid Full Time regular staff: Rs. 298644 per year      
Lowest paid Full Time regular staff: Rs.30000per year  

The distribution of staff according to salary levels and gender break up during the year 2013-14:

Slab of gross salary(in Rs) plus benefits paid to staff(per month)

Male Staff

Female Staff


Less than 5000




















Greater than 100000





Total Cost of International Travel by Board Members/Staff/Volunteers on behalf of organization for 2015-16: NA 

Total Cost of National Travel by Board Members/Staff/Volunteers on behalf of organization for 2015-16: NA

Annual Gross Remuneration paid to members of your Statutory Governing Body by this organization (in case of no remuneration please write  “ZERO”)